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Ladies handbag to the black dress, 2004

The effect of the feathers of bird in combination with the black shell increases by the ominous spot of red gouache. Much that is what gets in.

material technique dimensions
acryl, kapron, coco, lacquer, gouache and slate pencil the coco shell and the crocheting, slate pencil for the metallic luster 20 х 30 cm
Under jeans like the rug, 2005

The noble viscose chiffon, cut out to the strips is crocheted on the technology of rug for wiping of boots. Combination of pomposity and democratism. Documents are accomodated, but as "traveller’s wallet" it does not roll.

material technique dimensions
acrylic dyes, coco, lacquer, viscose chiffon, contact stud of the natural mother-of-pearl the shell of coco nut and binding by the hook 25 х 35 cm
Small case for the diamonds, 2004
"Tender brass knuckles"
Tender brass knuckles

Small case is accomodated in the palm, knob is wound as bracelet on the wrist, the long eyelet many times turns around around skladochek, being involved to the tiny contact stud. Charming weapon!

material technique dimensions
coco, lacquer, black taffeta, viscose yarn the shell of coco nut and binding by the hook 7 х 7 cm
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